I finished all articles starting with the character: !

So far I have read all articles that start with !. Even though it should feel like an accomplishment I’m just realizing how big of a challenge this actually is. It will take a long while.

I’m surprised of how many albums, books and shows start with the character !. I stopped being so surprised realizing that in Spanish is normal to have an exclamation mark to start a sentence as well as finish it, so a lot of Spanish so far.

The other big bulk are articles related to the !kung people. Their god, languages and tribes have many variations starting with !.

A few programming articles, which probably were the most difficult to understand so far, plus many many redirections to the same articles. Wikipedia not only separates as a different entry upper and lower case, but also if they have blank spaces or different variations with the same concept.

I’m not even 0.1% done, so let’s keep going.

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